Help in Your Area

Resources Available Around Australia

There are a lot of good resources available for treatment, help and support for people living with depression and other mood disorders, including some great resources for families & friends.

We are currently doing a major review of our HIYA section so many sections are not yet included in our new website. We are steadily updating so return regularly to check on new resources available.

Below we have information on, and links to:

Finding a health care professional

How to obtain psychological services under medicare

What is the difference between psychologists & psychiatrists?

Services for families and friends

Online Treatments & Trials There are some really helpful treatments and courses that are available to anyone, anywhere via the internet!

Research Projects Participating in research projects is a great way to access free treatments and also helps to improve the quality of treatment for us all.

Telephone Based Services in Your State These include contact numbers for specific mental health services, public hospitals and other useful phone numbers.

Support Groups around Australia

What you can to do to Keep Yourself Safe – Just in case!

If you know of resources that may be of value to others, please let us know!