How to Become an Air Ambulance Pilot?

By dep

September 24, 2023

No doubt, several rescue operations take place by using an air ambulance service provider around the globe. Here we shall be looking at the step by step guide on how to become an air ambulance pilot. Without much addle, take a look at the steps below;

Step One- Get the Right Education

For you to become an air ambulance pilot, air ambulance companies need you to acquire the right education. For you to be employ as an air ambulance pilot, you should have at least 2 or 4 years of college decree. You should also major in physics, aeronautical engineering fields. This is the first step you should take if you desire to become an air ambulance pilot. 

Step Two- You Need Certification

Here you will need a medical certificate that authenticates your training and ability to fly as a commercial pilot. You can get this certificate through the aviation medical examiner.

Step Three- Go to A Flight Academy

You need to attend a certified flight school before you can become an air ambulance pilot. You also have the option to be trained by a certified professional. 

Step Four- Lot of Experience

You need to gain a lot of experience before you can become an air ambulance pilot. Some air ambulance companies require that you have at least 1000 hours of flight experience. The training hours may be expensive, and pocket draining, in the end, you enjoy it.  

You can also join an aviation school as an instructor just to gather the required experience. It is expected of you to fly in tough weather conditions. You also need to gain at least 40 hours of using instruments to train. 

Step Five- You Are Set

After you have carried out the necessary step. You are set- to become an air ambulance pilot. Now you can apply to any air ambulance company of your choice.

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