Should I change the locks if I lose my keys?

By dep

September 24, 2023

This can be the most confused state you can be in on a random day. You, of course, would not know where to start and how to go about it except you have a nearby spare key. You have to be a bit calm to handle this right and sometimes you just need to sit idle for a while before you make any decision. Once you have lost your keys you do not jump into getting your spare key or making out some other alternative as this could prove drastic.

When you lose your keys you should take a step back and not think of the discomfort about being locked out but the issue of having your security compromised if you keep using that lock with someone else have some form of access to that house. Did you throw them out in the trash? Are they behind the old furniture? Your key cannot recognize the owner so ultimately anyone who owns the keys to the house has access to the property and if unfortunately, this is not you, then there is a huge problem. Many might think it is a bit too extreme to change the locks of a home if the key was lost. This might sound true but in actuality is it?

Here are some things to consider when you lose your keys to determine your next action.

1. Activity around your lately

You need to be able to recollect if someone has jokingly spoken about taking your keys or stealing your keys. Now you shouldn’t be thinking of confronting them but if this is the case, you should just change the lock. If someone by any means has been having some suspicious activity around you or you find your keys in the hands of someone who is not supposed to have them at any point in time and after a while, it’s gone. When things like this happen you should consider that, although they might be close to you, it is wise to simply increase your home security and this your security.

2. The possible way you lost the keys

Of course, you won’t be able to tell the exact way you lost the key but you should be able to tell the last time you saw the keys and where it could probably be. There is a high chance that it would not be there if you go check it out but it’s okay to try. You should try to find out anyone who was around you at any point who might have some form of suspicious movement or being overly active.

3. You need to decide if it was lost

Sometimes the keys are just lost and you need to get the spare. Even if someone found the keys they would not know it was yours and they would not know how to find you. You can not be too sure.

Most times you won’t be able to detect any suspicious activity even after checking using the above parameters but you can’t be too vigilant right. If you require a high level of security or your home contains priced materials and there is any possibility that it could be a thief at all, then you should simply just change the locks.

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